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Earth Muffin Memos'

Syndicated Column


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The Earth Muffin Memos column is a creative break from the overstimulation of our too much world. It adds a refreshing, engaging and activating voice to the fray, with a solutions-based approach towards positive change. It encourages all of us to become motivated culture-shifters towards a paradigm that is earth-honoring, diversity-inclusive and community-building.


Earth Muffin Memos topics include the environment; connecting to nature; disconnecting from technology; mountain and outdoor culture; sustainability; stewardship; community; modern culture; equality; humanitarian endeavors; communication; and beyond.


A variety of readers will connect with Earth Muffin Memos. Written from a high mountain community, those who live in or close to the mountains will immediately identify, as will inhabitants of other communities dominated by nature – from the desert to the oceans - and their ensuing outdoor lifestyles.


Yet citizens of other communities will also be drawn to Earth Muffin Memos for its alternative take on current and timeliness topics, offering a worthwhile viewpoint from the outskirts of more “civilized” society. Armchair travelers and the curious will be entertained and challenged by opinions and stories that might be outside of their common routine.


Anyone who feels we desperately need to improve our relationships to the environment, community, ourselves and each other will definitively not want to miss a single column.


The time is now for such a voice.


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column stats


  • 750-1000 words

  • bi-weekly or monthly

  • $50 per column

  • one-time, non-exclusive rights offered

  • automatic payments

  • columns sent in word doc or in body of email

  • custom orders can be made concerning word count, frequency, price and publication

Topics Include

(but are not limited to)

  • Environment

  • Communication

  • Community

  • Connection

  • Culture

  • Diversity

  • Feminism

  • Nature

  • Outdoor Adventure

  • Slowing Down

  • Stewardship

  • Sustainability

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