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The Freelance Process

1. Estimate:

The first thing to do is just get in touch! We’ll talk about the scope, audience and needs of your project that will help me understand exactly what will be involved. From that place I send you a free estimate or bid of what I think it will cost to complete the project.

2. Contract:

Once a bid has been accepted, a contract is created based on conversations between you and I that contains a general project description, review deadline, final deadline, delivery method, projected dates of payment and any specifics on authorship credit, if applicable. The contract also includes a deadline for you for any information that must be provided by you.

3. Estimate & Payment:

Specific estimates for the project are given once details are discussed. Prices are based on such items as scope of the project, research needed, venue, distribution and word count.  Prices are given on word count, page count or by the project, depending on the assignment.


Upon completion of a contract, 50% of the fee is due before writing begins. For larger projects, milestones may be set with the client for interim payments. Once the final project is submitted and necessary revisions completed, the remaining percentage of the fee is due.


Any anticipated expenses must be revealed by you and are included in the project fee.

4. Guarantee:

All writing and editing assignments are guaranteed to your satisfaction, including necessary revisions and rewrites that occur within the scope of the original assignment.  They are guaranteed to be delivered by midnight on the due date set through the agreement between you and I and may be submitted in any form required by you.

5. Turnaround Time:

Turnaround time is set in an agreement between you and I. This date reflects your needs as well as feasibility for me. 

6. Revisions:

Revisions must be requested no more than 30 days after receiving the final copy. Major revisions concerning content and angle changes on larger projects must be requested in writing. Those that occur outside the scope of the original assignment are considered separate projects and are charged accordingly. Revisions to the contract must also be made in writing.

Questions? Interested?

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