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Earth Muffin Memos


The Earth Muffin Memos blog is a creative break from the overstimulation of our too much world. It adds a refreshing, engaging and activating voice to the fray, with a solutions-based approach towards positive change. It encourages all of us to become motivated culture-shifters towards a paradigm that is earth-honoring, diversity-inclusive and community-building. 

Earth Muffin Memos offers online advertising opportunities to a small group of hand-chosen organizations and businesses doing good in the world. Advertising spots are carefully selected with a primary focus on those working in the environmental and humanitarian/social fields, or for those conducting their business under Conscious Capitalism or B Corporation standards. 

Understanding the difference their choices can make, the Earth Muffin Memos audience is highly motivated to make earth and human conscious decisions in their purchasing and organizational support. 

These readers, combined with the approach of pursuing only qualified advertisers with the same beliefs, assures advertising spots are pin-point targeted to the people who are most likely to react to your ad. From reusable shopping bags, to environmental organizations with an activism campaign or membership drive, ads are designed to serve as a resource and opportunity for readers to further their values, and are therefore a welcome addition to the blog’s contents. 

Additionally, advertising dollars help support the mission of Earth Muffin Memos, motivating readers to instigate positive environmental, social and cultural change on our planet. 

Together, we can make a difference. 

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EMM audience

  • environmentally conscious

  • outdoor enthusiasts

  • nature lovers

  • community activists

  • responsible shoppers

  • sustainability devotees

  • culture shifters

  • trend setters

  • inspiration seekers

  • diversity celebrants

  • artists

EMM Topics

  • Environment

  • Communication 

  • Community

  • Connection 

  • Culture

  • Diversity

  • Mountain Culture

  • Feminism

  • Nature

  • Outdoor Adventure

  • Slowing Down

  • Stewardship

  • Sustainability

AD Details

  • featured in a right sidebar column titled “Resources for Doing Good” on every blog post

  • Featured in a "welcome" post on facebook

  • links to desired website or page

  • auto-paid in advance at $50 per month

Like to request a custom ad?

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Advertising Philosophy, Guidelines, & Rates 

“Resources for Doing Good” is a special ad column serving as a repository of worthwhile resources for environmentally and socially conscious organizational information; products and services; and membership and activism drives, rather than the traditional random ad space. 

Ads are designed to be an integral part of the blog, and a complimentary aspect of the blog articles. A quality experience by the reader is emphasized so ads are considered an opportunity to make positive change in the world, rather than an annoying distraction. 

The ad plan is intentionally designed to be simple and streamlined. 

all ads adhere to the following: 

  • Are featured in a right sidebar in a column titled “Resources for Doing Good”

  • Have presence on each individual blog page as well as a “welcome” post on facebook.

  • Include a live link to the desired website or page

  • Are designed a 500 x 300 pixels and sent as web-ready .jpg

  • May appear both above and below the scroll

  • Function as display ads (rather than pay per click or pay per view)

  • Are static (i.e. no videos, flashes or pop-ups)

  • Each ad space may cycle through a rotation of no more than five other businesses or organizations

  • Ads are auto-paid in advance at $50 per month

  • To have ads designed with website style consistency contact Earth Muffin Memo’s graphic design partner RoShamBo at or 970-641-3546. Designs with RoShamBo are independently contracted by you, with incurred design fees outside of the $50 per month advertising fee.

How to Advertise on Earth Muffin Memos

step 1:

Contact Molly with any questions or custom needs

step 2:

fill out the

advertiser form

step 3:

Purchase your term length:

1, 3, 6, or 12 months

step 4:

Molly will contact you to discuss further details

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