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Words are important.

When well executed, they are powerful tools to compel, sell, convince and excite your clients and customers about what you have to offer.  


Whether its inspiring website copy about the environmental practices of your business, or a motivating press release to boost ticket sales to a blues concert, my writing flexibility, aptitudes and experiences permit me to switch topics easily.  

My life experiences as a traveler, outdoor adventurer, arts enthusiast and environmental and philanthropic advocate make me adaptable while my natural curiosity drives my interest to delve into comprehensive research.

I excel in reading audiences. My easy relations with people allow me to adapt to any persona, leading me to extract the selling points and construct the angles appealing directly to them. I am able to gain valuable insights on a company or organization, highlighting the assets that would be best for them to put forward.  

Through these mechanisms, my copy grabs readers, pulling them into situations regarding a certain product with all senses, regardless if the product is a boundary-pushing theatre production; a campaign to raise money towards the advancement of human rights; or a new line of clothing designed to reduce environmental waste. 


I specialize in writing copy for organizations and businesses working for the betterment of our planet and humanity. These include non-profits, environmental and social organizations, arts and culture ventures, B-Corporations and Conscious Capitalism enterprises.


Feature articles

Press releases

Website copy



Fundraising copy

Grant writing

Pressroom & press kit copy




Annual reports


Promotional packages


Advertising copy


Employee communications


Social media


I have served as a professional freelance and copywriter since 2005 crafting copy for press releases, websites, brochures, feature articles, grant applications, radio commercials, ad campaigns and social media.


My knowledge spans the globe on topics, finding flexibility in writing for non-profits, artists, small businesses and ski corporations focusing on anything from the arts to the environment. Examples of some of my past and present clients are Center for the Arts Crested Butte, Crested Butte Mountain Resort, the Office for Resource Efficiency, and Kim Reichelm’s Ski Adventures, among others.

As the Marketing Director of the Center for the Arts for 10 years, I developed and executed a comprehensive marketing plan promoting their programming in the literary, visual, culinary and performing arts. Various media outlets in this plan included print, digital, local, regional and radio outreaches. 

Additionally, I have over 400 articles published on a national, regional and local level in venues such as Powder Magazine, the Mountain Gazette, Solar Today and Patagonia-Japan. Formally trained, having received both a B.A. and M.A. in literature and writing, I have also teach these skills from graduate school to middle school levels.

My Approach

Articles I write must be informative and accurate. They demand a refined eye for mistakes and an analytical form of research. The facts must be right. 


I am exceptionally motivated and able to work independently with little or no supervision. I am organized and detail oriented. In providing copy for you I would be dedicated and responsible towards deadlines, and work hard towards providing you with the best writing available. My creativity, inventiveness, and intuition guide me in writing that is appealing and different. I have a keen eye for editing and for writing that works.


On a personal level, my passion rests in my own concoctions of creative non-fiction and poetry. My aptitudes orient me towards the descriptive, in portraying my subject matter in a way that is attractive to the reader, and tells them a story. These are the skills I draw from in my work as a freelance writer. 

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