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Creative non-fiction and place-based author Molly Murfee specializes in nature and environmental writing cut with cultural and societal critique. 

Writing from a tiny high mountain haven buried in the rural heart of the Southern Rocky Mountains, Molly’s favorite muse is wilderness and its inherent metaphor, especially as it winds through the passion and tenacity of mountain people living in the rhythms of their untamed home.

She believes writing is a powerful tool - able to educate and entertain, placate or infuriate, speak equally to a politician or a housewife. With a fundamental drive to connect people to their place, themselves and their communities, Molly’s deep desire is that her words incite readers to become vehicles for positive environmental, social and cultural change in the crucial topics of our time such as the preservation of our wild places or the assurance of human rights. 

Without wild places I would be mad.

I profoundly yearn, from somewhere deep inside the core of my being, for the utter peace and solace of the peaks, the rivers, the desert, the silence. I can’t get enough of the secret green folds of the valleys, or the mystical jutting spires of rock burnt red by the sun, or the brief miracles of the multicolored wildflowers of summer. I hunger for those places on the edge, where the tatters of civilization blow out behind me in the wind and I face the empty, open space of wildness. It is a painful wound when the tedious demands of the logistical modern life prevent me from being at their center...

Creative Non-Fiction Essays & Articles

Molly’s creative non-fiction essays and articles offer an alternative perspective and commentary on both current and timeless topics involving wilderness, environmental issues, connecting to nature, disconnecting from technology, mountain and outdoor culture, sustainability, stewardship, community, mythology, philosophy, modern culture, natural history, human rights, communication and beyond. With over 400 published articles, Molly’s regional and national by-lines range from The Mountain Gazette to Powder Magazine. She writes regularly for the Crested Butte News and Crested Butte Magazine.  

To read some of Molly’s published articles click here:

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