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Earth. Art. Activism.

Earth. Art. Activism. is the working title for an alternative adult education institution “without walls” being collaboratively built between visual artist Ivy Walker and writer Molly Murfee. Year-round programming is forthcoming!

Girl Hiking in Mountains

The Mission

Earth. Art. Activism. creates and contributes to new visions of eco-conscious and life-affirming culture through interdisciplinary educational offerings that intersect with nature, the arts, science, philosophy, community, self and activism. 

A Few of Our Visions

  • To create a school-consortium of creative, earthwise, life-sustaining advocates to teach in Crested Butte, Gunnison Valley and beyond. To build, share and attract audiences together. To support the work of culture shifters in the spirit of collaboration and community.  


  • This school-consortium offers a variety of classes to first and foremost re-connect humans to nature, community and self and, as a result of those connections, create the heart-strings necessary to create positive cultural change as we become better stewards of the environment and human rights. 


  • Delivering juicy, creative, deep, grounded and passionate experiences of the self which contribute to enriched and connective communities from local, to nature, to creative, to activist and emerging fields.  


  • In all of our offerings, we provide a time and space for personal reflection, mindfulness, creativity, connection, passion, fun, depth, community, increased social awareness and consciousness, ways to grow personally and to contribute to the growth of life sustaining culture.

How We Accomplish This

  • By being an educational beacon and focal point for artists, activists, scientists, philosophers, and community builders from the local community to the global to offer their talents and aptitudes.

  • By connecting participants and educators to nature, self and each other through experiential opportunities in a variety of wilderness-oriented environments and alternative classrooms.

  • By providing cohesive, year-round, seasonally-focused programming that offers motivational opportunities for a wide range of participants from the novice to the accomplished. 

Modalities & Course Areas We Envision

  • Writing

  • Visual Art

  • Songwriting

  • Dance & Movement

  • Theatre

  • Public Art & Performance

  • Ecopsychology

  • Civics, Activism & Public Process

  • Film

  • Photography

  • Creating Community

  • Community & Earth-Honoring Ritual 

  • Indigenous Arts & Education

  • Natural Sciences including natural history, climate change, western environmental issues

  • Environmental Philosophies such as deep ecology, bioregionalism, ecofeminism

  • Alternative approaches to business, agriculture, energy and home-building

Vehicles for Learning

  • Half-Day Courses

  • Full-Day Courses

  • Multi-Day Retreats

  • Artist / Educator Residencies

  • Multi-Disciplinary Summits & Conferences

  • Community Gatherings & Offerings

  • Custom Offerings for Private Groups

Stay Tuned!

Stay tuned as this exciting new education opportunity and culture shifting epicenter takes flight and we begin to announce our programming! 

Interested in how to become a collaborative instructor or presenter at Earth. Art. Activism.? Contact Molly

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