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Course Details

Get mountain savvy by learning from a local and gather the necessary skills to hike independently with knowledge, confidence and respect! This full-day hike not only takes participants into a beautiful wilderness setting, but teaches backcountry skills and natural history along the way. Make friends with the wildflowers by learning their names and interesting natural history facts. Gain exposure to the perfect equipment to bring in a backpack; what a first aid kit should contain; and confidence in navigation and reading maps. Learn Mountain Manners by becoming proficient in Leave No Trace skills to reduce physical impacts on the landscape such as trail etiquette; choosing the best lunch and camp sites; making a low impact fire; preserving flora and fauna; “toilet” practices; dealing with trash; preserving water quality and more. Have an inspiring day hiking and learning in the backcountry, making future independent adventures even more enjoyable and respectful! 


Physical Ability Requirements

This course is designed to be a moderate hiking experience for any ability - from beginner to advanced. The goal is to look and learn with lots of educational stops along the way. Please do make sure you feel physically capable to participate. Moderate hiking ability is required with ability to climb up to 700 - 1,000 feet of elevation gain and loss; ability to sit / stand / and walk on and off trail for up to six hours. We’ll move through a variety of natural habitats including forest and high open meadow. A typical day might be hiking in for up to two hours with activities along the way, staying and walking around a general vicinity for activities during the middle portion of the session, then hiking out either in a loop or as an out and back, depending on the trail.


Please note the course is the same with each date option.

Mountain Savvy Backcountry Hike

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