Current Course Offerings

Below is a current list of workshops being offered by Molly Murfee. Check back often for updates on courses to be offered in the various seasons as the year progresses.

Writing the Wild

Saturday, July 6

8 a.m. – 3 p.m

Do you feel overwhelmed by the beauty of the landscape and wildflowers but aren’t quite sure how to express it? Do you have something to say about nature but nothing you put on paper seems to quite hit the heart of your feelings? Let the wild writer inside of you free! In this full day backcountry hike seize the opportunity to experiment with a variety of writing exercises to describe what you’re seeing or find the words to communicate with others about your passion. Find inspiration from contemporary nature writers and learn from their techniques on how to capture emotion. With the Crested Butte Wildflower Festival.  


Regenerations - Art, Writing & Mindfulness in Nature

Saturday, July 13

8 a.m. – 3 p.m

To regenerate means to bring into renewed existence. This day-long “mini-retreat” from the modern world is a technology-free experience allowing you to sink deeply into just being in nature and re-establishing your connection to it. Through a backcountry hike into the wildflower-clad wilderness, slow down, tap in, take a deep look around you, and notice. Uncover your creative expression through a variety of landscape art, creative writing and mindfulness exercises designed to establish a relationship to place. Hear inspirational readings form nature writers and philosophers and engage in nature-oriented meditations. Instructors: Ivy Walker & Molly Murfee. With the Crested Butte Wildflower Festival. 


Gunnison Valley Literary Festival: 

Friday, August 9 – Sunday, August 11

Rooting Into Place

Friday, August 9

8 – 10 a.m.

Begin the weekend from an inspired and relaxed, open and connected place! Register and pick up your nametag, to-go pastries and coffee, then set out for the woods. We’ll initiate the day with a slow saunter in nature, sipping in the place we are, heightening our awareness and loosening up our creativity through readings of dreamy poetry and exploratory writing prompts. Root down in the forests and fields to discover this mountain environment’s both flagrant and nuanced personas. What is it trying to communicate? To teach? What metaphors lurk in its elements? Bring your reusable to go coffee mug and small backpack to carry a journal, writing utensil, water, breakfast pastries and a warm jacket (as mornings are cool). This is a saunter, so only flat soled footwear is required – flip flops are fine (just leave the stilettos at home)! With the Gunnison Valley Literary Festival.

Creative Writing Taster Series – Nature Writing:

Saturday, September 7 & Saturday, October 5

9 a.m. – 1 p.m.

Connect with nature and your own personal creative expression by wandering blissfully through words in this half day outdoor immersion writing workshop. Tucked into a “backcountry classroom” readings from established nature writers inspire and inform your own style and demonstrate the world of possibilities while the surrounding forests, fields and streams stimulate the imagination and provide the content. Specially designed freewriting exercises help uncover your unique language for expressing your sentiments about nature. While experimenting with metaphor, word choice and descriptive techniques, you simultaneously hone your skills of observation and awareness. Explore your relationship with nature, and what the wild means to you. Participants may take one or both classes as topics and exercises will change. With the Literary Arts Department of the Center for the Arts Crested Butte.


Introduction to Creative Nonfiction

An elective for non-Graduate Program in Creative Writing students who want to develop writing skills. An intensive genre-based survey of major approaches to Creative Nonfiction. Considers the subgenres of memoir, lyric essay, meditative essay, literary and cultural criticism and journalism, social, historical and political writing, travel writing, writing about science and technology, and other forms. Students read, analyze and imitate major works in each genre. CRWR 696 (3 credits). With the Graduate Program in Creative Writing: Nature Writing / Earth StoryCraft with Western Colorado University. 


Craft Your Bio 

Wednesdays, April 7 & 14

5:30 - 8:30 p.m.

Get ready for the summer season and the increased web traffic of the times by crafting a compelling bio for use with websites, brochures, publications and other venues. Through instruction, guidance, exploratory creative exercises and research on existing effective and inspirational biographies, participants workshop aspects of their career into a cohesive and effective bio expressing their personal and professional endeavors. Supportive peer review from instructor and fellow participants provides valuable feedback. Additionally, learn basic requirements for choosing quality and size-appropriate photos for both digital and print outlets. Participants leave the workshop with a completed bio. Course takes place on Zoom.

Craft Your Bio (1).jpg

Creative Writing, Alternative Education & the Field Experience 

Wednesday, June 23 - Friday, June 25

8 a.m. – 6 p.m. each day

A graduate level, accredited course designed for secondary educators seeking their continuing education credits. 3 credits available. ENG 510


Get creative out in nature in this stimulating and active field-based writing course! Experiment with creative writing and the field experience as inspiring tools for gathering information, processing emotions, and finding a constructive, energizing and motivating outlet for interacting with the complex environmental and social issues of our time. Connect to the natural world through the combined use of a Creative Writing Portfolio and field experiences. Incorporate experiential education, student-centered learning and interdisciplinary studies into a traditional classroom. Explore the effective writing techniques of creative non-fiction focused on nature and the environment. Each day sends students out into nature to complete inspiring guided freewriting prompts and conduct independent research; then return in the afternoon for synchronous Zoom classroom time for sharing the writing experience, and thought-provoking author and teaching strategy discussions.


This is a fun, yet intensive, three-day course and it is not advisable to take other courses in the June 23 – 25 window. Students should block out Wednesday, June 23, Thursday, June 24 and Friday, June 25 for planned course activities from 8 a.m. – 6 p.m. each day, and an expectation of completing readings in the evenings. Synchronous Zoom class time meetings will specifically take place from 2 – 6 p.m. each of these three days. Participants will participate in pre and post course work (predominately reading) approximately a week before and a week after the course with all assignments completed by July 3. While perfect for English, composition and the natural sciences, techniques can be applied to most any subject. 


Offered through Western Colorado University's Teacher Institute.

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